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Grinding concrete floor with the diamond grinding cup wheels have many advantages. They are fast, low-noise and low-cost. They are very popular in the construction and home improvement industry. Diamond grinding cup wheels are the diamond grinding tool wh
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Shipment of concrete saw blades and wall saw blades has been shipped on May,20th, 2017 to Mr.Si** from Australia on the way.

Shipment of diamond grinding shoes and diamond grinding cup wheels has been shipped on  May,18th, 2017 to Mr.Lo** from England on the way.

Shipment of diamond grinding shoes has been shipped on May,18th, 2017 to Mr.Cas** from America on the way.


This is the best diamond cup wheel I have used, very good quality price, I have removed ragreage with weights, I have 1 plate mounted on a 1100 w c, the grinding result is flawless! I will come back to you soon.    -Mr.Félix from France