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MasterCut Tool’s Quality Control System ensures stable quality standard for all diamond grinding tools, diamond cutting tools and technique by using powerful automatic controls and increasing the independence on workers, machines and raw materials which may cause various negative effects.

Every process of production and department in MasterCut Tool performs Inner-process inner-inspection way which is administrated by quality technicians based on the controlling schedule which decided by the strictest industry measurement and clients’ demand.

MasterCut Tool quality system gives all diamond grinding tools and diamond cutting tools firm traceability and controlling. Additionally, Master Cut Tool offers its customers with detailed online and offline quality feedback including the drawings(picutres) of all diamond tools, sizes and formula.

MasterCut Tool follows the strictest industry quality measurement: ISO9001, SGS and he is applying for more certificates.

MasterCut Tool Quality policy is draw up on the basis of excellence and ongoing improvement in every facet of its supply channel management system.