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Floor grinding pads -floor grinding plates for Beijing Nanyuan Airport Floor Grinding
Floor grinding pads -floor grinding plates for Beijing Nanyuan Airport Floor Grinding

Floor grinding pads -floor grinding plates for Beijing Nanyuan Airport Floor Grinding


Mastercut already made great contribution to China urban construction by now. In 2011, the Fujian Government required a floor polishing project to Xiamen airport. Mastercut received instruction to supply all diamond tools for cutting, grinding and polishing all stone and concrete material for the project. We produced a series of diamond grinding tools for concrete and asphalt to the Third project team of China who was entrusted to polishing the floor of the whole airport. The line of our diamond grinding tools includes diamond grinding pads, diamond grinding plates, HTC grinding pads, resin bonded polishing pads, diamond polishing pads, and other polishing tools.

The terminal floor at the Xiamen Airport was 200,000-square-foot in total, 25-year-old concrete slabs, concrete tiles, granite tiles and granite slabs that had seen several types of floor coverings for many years, including concrete tile and newly covered carpet. The floor experienced moisture matters, and the carpet made the terminal looks dirt and old.

The design team in charge of the terminal remodel, their idea is to get a flooring programmers that would make the space brighter and make the facility looks more modern. Polished concrete seems to have the ability of satisfy all needs mentioned above, but the real highlight is that the polished concrete doesn’t require much on maintenance.

Jin yu, Manager of Third project team, a non governmental concrete polishing contractor was appointed as the consultant for the airport job for 15 months. He answered and offered professional suggestion to the project team's questions about grinding and polishing floor, produced mock-ups before putting to practice, conjectured on the concrete condition under the carpet good or bad and explained possible repairing choices since nobody know after the carpet was removed, how the cracks and spalling will come out.

Finally, the airport designer decided to adopt polished concrete as flooring option for its terminal remodel and buy mastercut diamond grinding tools and polishing tools for the job. Proofing by the facts, they are right.

Mastercut concrete and floor diamond grinding tools makes grinding and polishing faster and easier

The third project team started project of the airport terminal floor job by removing the existent floor coat first and utilizing a ride-on grinder to remove old adhesives. After the project team uncovered the concrete slabs by using diamond grinding tools like diamond grinding wheel, metal diamond grinding pad, they found that the floor wasn't as destroyed as they imaged it would be and was easy to clean up with typical repairing solutions. We need to provide the operators with coarse floor diamond grinding plates whose grits was #30.

"A main matter we had encountered was the flatness of the floor -- you could see the floor waving in different levels, or undulating, this condition always caused uneven coating of material and lead to easy crack and we all knew that would bring several problems in processing those lows and highs levels when grinding," Jin yu answered, “What tools we must use is the renew polishing pads for the concrete floor and the diamond polishing pads for the granite floor, these 2 grinding and polishing tools will bring the floor brightness, and we should feed enough water to ensure the smooth when polishing and avoid over heat to the polishing pads, in this way, the polishing pads would extend the best performance.”

With the open to the floor, after the floor is prepared, repaired and get ready to be polished, the third project team meet another big problem. "The floor was covered with several different layers. When we started from the middle of the floor, it was hard, we were supposed to use special customized grinding tools but we were using regular Mastercut diamonds grinding tools and successed finally ," Jin yu says. "But it seemed that every time we always pass through a connected line the floor would change, and then the concrete was getting harder."

When Jin yu started to scratch around the concrete floor and granite floor with a Mohs hardness test kit, surprised he found that in the concrete hardness was a 9 on a hardness range of 1-10 (10 is the hardest level) at some part. "Of course that showed the difficulties in preparing the right grinding and polishing tools made from diamonds and metal bonds," Jin yu explains.

Generally speaking, Jin yu says that if you want to let your diamonds grinding tools in a soft bond when you are using it to grind relatively hard concrete, we are lucky and happy that Mastercut could provide all kinds and sizes of diamond grinding tools and polishing pads required by the airport condition to meet our needs . "If you use a hard bond grinding tool on a hard concrete floor, the diamond grits will just glaze over the floor. The hard bond will not wear down quick enough to expose the diamond grits and the grinding and polishing would be not effective," he explained.

The third project team had worked with Mastercut Diamond Tool to get various options delivered in so the team can test and select the most effective diamond grinding tooling for grinding the concrete floor at the airport. During the project, Jin yu has found a very-soft diamond metal-bonded double ring row round grinder in 30/40 diamond grit that worked for the first step cut on the extremely hard parts of the concrete slab and use the best quality diamond polishing pads at last for final process. For second grinding step on the hardest part of the concrete floor, the third project team use soft metal bonded grinding plates from Mastercut in a 60/80 grit. On the parts of the floor that were not so hard as other parts, the third project team used a proper metal-bonded diamond grinding plates of 30/40 diamond grit which followed with a 8 inches diamond grinding plates.