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Areas of application for floor grinding tools

Our Diamond Tools are made of high quality diamonds in a consistent  high concentration

Our advatanges of diamond grinding tools are: 

  • an even and fine grinding pattern without scratches

  • an excellent tool life

  • a very good working speed

  • min strain on the machine in use 

Grinding different surfaces

Please find following different application ranges for the use of our floor grinding tools. As you might be faced with new and different problems in practical use please contact us if you have any questions. 

Our segments are well adapted to different surfaces for an excellent working speed and tool life. Please find following our color code for an easy selection of the right tools for your application: 

  • Green:  abrasive/sandy/soft materials for example green concrete or screed

  • Red :     hard concrete or screed

  • Blue:     very hard concrete or screed

  • Silver:   PCD – Split or PCD segments for coatings

The tools must be matched to the floor grinding machine in use. We offer the following tools:  

  • Grinding plates with M8 –connector

  • Grinding plates with M6 – connector 

  • Ø 250 mm grinding plates with an universal connector for single disc grinding machines

Grinding plate M8-connector
Grinding plate M8-connector
Grinding plate M6-connector
Grinding disc Universal connector
Grinding disc Universal connector

Our diamond-grinding plate are produced with a medium size grit and are perfectly suitable for:  

  • Light sanding and grinding down of screed, concrete, partly coatings and fillers

  • Leveling out uneven surfaces

  • Light sanding of terrazzo floors and design screed

  • Grinding down of Epoxy or PU – coatings 

Please contact us if you require grinding tools with coarser or finer grit sizes. 

Boden schleifen
2 PCD with supporting segment
2 PCD with supporting segment
1 PCD with supporting segment
1 PCD with supporting segment

PCD grinding plates have the advantage over diamond grinding plates that they do not get smeared up. They are used for removing  

  • adhesives

  • filler materials

  • bitumen

  • sealants

  • color layers

  • epoxy

  • elastic materials

PCD Split Segment
PCD Split Segment

PCD – Split

Tough and durable tool with PCD – splinters for very aggressive grinding with a coarse grinding pattern. It is the ideal tool for removing:  

  • filling materials and adhesives

  • very hard coatings

  • pre grinding of very hard filling materials

  • grinding of mastic asphalt or other bituminous surfaces

Floor grinding

It is a general rule for all grinding tools that a good dust extraction helps to improve the grinding result.

Further information to these products you will find Diamond floor grinding tools

Grinding cups for floor grinding machines

Grinding wheel Double Row
Grinding wheel Fan Shape
Grinding wheel Tornado
Grinding wheel Fan Shape

As an alternative to grinding plates the following grinding cups can be used on floor grinding machines:  

  • Grinding cup  “Double Row”

  • Grinding cup  “Tornado”

  • Grinding cup  “Turbo”

  • Grinding cup  “Fan Shape”

 diamond Grinding Cup wheels

Grinding of edge- and corner areas

Grinding wheels / cups are often used on hand held machines for grinding edge- and corner areas. The following grinding cups are available:  

  • PCD grinding cups for removing coatings

  • diamond grinding cups for grinding concrete and screed

  • special grinding cups for removing coatings and grinding concrete/screed in one operation