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How to Polish Inside Sinks with Diamond Polishing Pads

If you have the right polishing tools, diamond polishing pads, backer pads, polishing inside a sink is easy like polishing flat surface. You can use the same polisher and same 5″diamond polishing pads you usually use, but the diamond polishing pads and backer pads are flexible.

The backer pads that come with a polisher when you buy it are usually a hard rubber. They are supposedly flexible, but they are designed for granite, not concrete. They are too hard, and instead of flexing will just scallop the concrete.

In order to polish curved surfaces, such as inside sinks, you need a very flexible backer. By using a very flexible 4″ backer with 5″ diamond polishing pads, you are able to polish tighter curves without risking gouging the stone or concrete sink.

MasterCut provides three kinds of backer pads, they are hard backer pads, middle hard backer pads and soft(flexible) backer pad.

The big diamond polishing pad meets the edge of the backer, there is a pressure point that gouges the stone or concrete. A small, 3″ backer also tends to lose grip on 5″ diamond polishing pads.

Our very thin, very soft/flexible 4″ backer pad securely grips the diamond polishing pad and allows it to flex more uniformly and produce a better quality surface. 

backer pads for diamond polishing pads

When you select and buy diamond polishing pads,you must tell the suppliers the polishing materials, hard or soft diamond pads, please see the following images of soft diamond polishing pads,

soft flexible diamond polishing pads

Here is the video of how to polish inside sink buy diamond polishing pads,

Keep in mind, only sinks with smooth curves can be polished mechanically – not hard angles. It is possible to hand sand inside an angular sink with wet/dry sandpaper, but it’s nearly impossible to grind and polish to expose aggregate inside an angular sink.

If you need other diamond grinding tools, such as diamond cup grinding wheels, please come to us.