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Why use PCD grinding cup wheels instead of diamond grinding cup wheels?

The diamond PCD grinding cup wheel is the greatest advancement in coatings removal in a very long time. Doesn’t like traditional diamond grinding cup wheels just "GRIND" away material, the grinding action, while great for smoothing out and removing concrete or mortar, is not ideal for removal of mastic, glue, or other elastomer coatings.  Traditional grinding wheels get hot, gum up, and get real messy when trying to remove rubberized products.

The MasterCut PCD grinding cup wheel does not "GRIND", The PCD cup wheels' unique design allow it to "SHAVE" away elastomer products and does it better then any other product on the market today. If you have to remove any kind of elastomer coatings such as glue, Kemper, waterproofing, mastic, paint, epoxy, resin, etc. Our PCD grinding cup wheel is the way to go. Long life, great fast performance and the right tool for the job.